Discussions Help

Discussions Help

Q: How do I respond to others’ posts?
A: From a received e-mail or the online discussion board, you can click either the 'Reply to eGroup' link to send your message to the entire forum, or the 'Reply to Sender' link to send your message only to the sender; both links are located just to the left of the posting. We recommend replying only to the sender for comments like 'me', 'too' that add little value to the discussion.

Q: How do I start a new discussion thread?
A: In an e-mail (HTML version) from a particular discussion forum, you can use the 'Post Message' link in the right navigation bar. You can also use the 'Post Message' link found in the left navigation. We recommend bookmarking or adding this link to your favorites list in your web browser to make it easily accessible.

Q: How do I change my subscription settings in the discussion forums?
A: Go to Directory -- > 'My Subscriptions' link in the left navigation. Here, you will see a list of available subscriptions. Select one of the delivery options (Real Time, Digest, PDA or No Email), then click the 'Save' button at the bottom of the page. You will get a red message that confirms your subscription options have been successfully updated. This can take around 30 seconds if you change your settings several communities at the same time.

Q: I’m having trouble viewing the HTML e-mail messages. How do I fix this?
A: If images are not appearing, it is likely that your e-mail client is set to suppress images. This should be something you can change in your security or viewing options. If you would rather receive text-based e-mail, go to the 'My Subscriptions' page and select the 'Text' format option near the top of the page. Be sure to hit 'Save' at the bottom of the page once you’ve made this change.

Q: Why do my e-mails contain a warning that says I shouldn’t forward them?
A: To make it easier to post and reply in the discussion forums, we have enabled an automatic login feature. This means that your login credentials are encrypted in the e-mails you receive from the forums. If you forwarded this to someone else, he/she would be able to click any of the links and log in to the Community as you. For this reason and for your protection, we strongly advise against forwarding e-mails.

Q: Can I search for postings across all the forums?
A: Yes. Click 'Advanced Search' under Discussions. This will let you search based on keywords in the posts, search all or specific forums, and select the date range in which you’d like to search.

If you have any additional questions, contact the PAS offices